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sexy poison ivy and harley quinn
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But really, that's where the praise has to end, especially when it comes to Harley. In the midst of characters like Enchantress and Deadshot, scowling and serious about their plans for revenge and absolution, there's a gleeful, bouncing Robbie, stippled with stick-and-poke tattoos and utterly giddy over the chance to do some property damage. There are smoldering failures among her many on-screen portrayals, as well as soaring successes. So on the one hand, she calls Barbara everything from "Babsie-Wabsie" to "Babbbly-boo," while on the other hand, she occasionally tries to bash Robin's brains in with a klieg light. But she can't ever have this life, of course, and not just because the Joker is the kind of guy who likes to show affection by pushing girlfriends into vats of unknown chemicals.

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sexy poison ivy and harley quinn

It's the kind of Harley somebody might love upon putting away childish things at 12, then find abhorrent a few years later once they realize that R-rated content doesn't maturity ensure.

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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

The show's antagonist, Harley is a conniving psychiatrist out for revenge on the Gotham elite who incarcerated her Mr. Batman and Tarzan teaming up to take down a s Catwoman cult? For example, take her voice.

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