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This post was originally published on Oct. But that doesn't mean you can't send your partner sexy snaps: You just have to be smart about it. Does lingerie turn your partner on? The more you leave to the imagination, the more you will drive them wild. It worked, but it means that now I live with the knowledge every day that somewhere out there is a former Target employee who probably still has photos of my teenage side boob. Did they leave a button up shirt or jacket laying around? Trust me, the recipient of this text will totally get your point.

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Michelle. Age: 30.
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Yep, I took it on my old camera, and then marched my butt down to Target and had them developed.

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Kendra. Age: 21.
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How to Take Your Best Nude Selfie Ever

Try laying on your stomach in nothing but underwear, bend your knees, cross your ankles, and take a selfie with your body slightly out of focus in the background. Did they leave a button up shirt or jacket laying around? Which, sadly, is how I sent my first nekkid photo.

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