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Are you sure you were wheeling around a baby in that stroller all winter, Jowita? But the happy outcome is evidenced by the existence of this brilliant book: she has lived to tell the tale. What this is, is someone profiting off of child abuse. It's a cautionary tale for sure, but I loved how honest she was about the level of addiction she dealt with. The darkness is frightening and disturbing, but since I know that she is OK and her son is OK, I was able to read the book and see the amazing skill that she has as a writer. The author sticks to raw facts and with tremendous focus and gripping immediacy, takes us through the several months of a life of a drunk, totally exposing the addict's mind. Bydlowska is an incredibly talented and brave writer, and I'm so glad that she shared her story in this way.

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Kennedy. Age: 32.
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I wish her luck and a Profoundly disturbing portrait of real addiction.

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Happiness puts you at too much risk - what if you were to lose it? That's the deal: we ruin our lives, our bodies, our homes, our reputations, our relationships. I'm frankly amazed that any respectable publishing company would actually publish this piece of garbage. Reading Drunk Mom was an unexpectedly emotional journey.

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