Teen athletes supplements

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So, you're one of the lucky ones, and your teenager has a natural inclination for sports, or you've been successful in persuading them to try. But, now you must ensure they're getting the proper nutrition ; namely, proper vitamins and minerals. There's a lot to consider when your growing teenager is eating you out of house and home, but even when you do your best to prepare healthy meals and snackslet's face it, they're burning a lot of calories and using a lot of energy for growing alone.

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Athletes playing at higher levels likely have a schedule packed with practices and competitions. Add performance training in the form of strength and agility sessions, and you have an athlete who has high nutrient demands to fuel performance, build and maintain lean mass, and prevent injury. Not only that, youth athletes typically are in the midst of growth spurts, so proper nutrition and, possibly, supplementation, are required to provide the building blocks for a strong and healthy body and optimal brain development.

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In fact, combining a nutritious diet with a few top supplements for athletes can help give you a serious edge over your competitors while upgrading your performance by increasing strength, metabolism and muscle mass so you can make the most of each gym session. Ready to learn more? Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is found throughout the bones, muscles, skin, ligaments and tendons.

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Are you currently stuck in a fitness plateau? Looking to get back into the gym and start getting in shape? There are dozens of supplements for athletes on the market, but not all of them are the same.

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The pressures of trying to fit in, endless after-school activities and not-always-perfect lifestyle choices like not getting enough sleep and eating a poor diet can leave the average teen facing a unique set of challenges — the kind that could more easily be met with some form of supplementation. Many experts agree that once a teenager has the basics down eating a healthy diet, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep on a regular basissupplements can be extremely beneficial when used correctly — and they can be crucial in physically active teens. He also notes that teenagers tend to have some of the poorest dietary habits, leaving many of them deficient in key nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

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What are the best supplements for teens? This article is aimed at helping to provide knowledge for teens looking to add supplements to their exercise and diet regimen. Teens are always looking for the next big supplement to hit the market.

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Ask any parent of a teenager and they probably have a colourful story of just what happens to the fridge when their sons and daughters arrive home from a hard day at school. Perhaps they have been asked to pack more into the lunchbox, or they notice the sly bowl of cereal consumed after dinner. Add to that the considerable load that many adolescents are put under in organised sportand you can see that it can be quite a job to fuel a teenager, let alone a teenage athlete.

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If you're a competitive athlete or a fitness buff, improving your sports performance is probably on your mind. Lots of people wonder if taking sports supplements could offer fast, effective results without so much hard work. But do sports supplements really work?

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When our children were younger, sports were more about having fun and making friends. But by the time they reach high school, sports become increasingly more competitive, and teen athletes start to think of their futures and how games play a role. By the time their kid is a junior or senior in high school, parents start to think of ways to give their children a competitive edge.

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Shortcuts, such as the use of performance-enhancing substances and supplementsare of little benefit and can be dangerous. Here is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about performance-enhancing substances and supplements for athletes. Studies looking at the purity of supplements find high rates of contamination with possibly harmful substances.


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