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Just about every coming of age movie throws in at least a scene or two about men's masturbation habits. From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to American Piepop culture has gone out of it's way to make it known that men love to masturbate. Unlike the taboo around female masturbationwe're pretty used to hearing guys talk about how and how often they do it.

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A whole month dedicated to talking about and practicing! At Autostraddle, we really like talking about masturbation, and we thought maybe you might too. We asked a bunch of Autostraddle Editors, Contributing Editors, Writers and Interns to write a small thing about when they started masturbating, and also to feel free to cover any other masturbation feelings they might have, because seriously, how often to we get to talk about jilling off in a public internet forum for ideas of wonderfulness?

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We can do this one of two ways: either I deliver a series of euphemisms, entendres, and cute little idioms that will make you blush, giggle, and groan, or I tell it to you straight which will still make you blush, giggle, and groan. First, a super quick not-boring primer on masturbation:. With respect to asexuals, human beings are hardwired to want and experience sensual pleasure with our bodies. But why does something so natural make us uncomfortable?

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Here's a stock photo we found of a women simulating an orgasm. All photos via Shuttershock. Girls may not talk about masturbation as openly as guys, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy rubbing one out every now and then.

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Louis CK's history of joking about masturbation takes on a more sinister tone amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Comedy duo Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov claimed that CK invited them to his hotel room in Aspen, Colorado after a show and then, while they were still fully clothed, proceeded to "get completely naked, and start masturbating". Abby Schachner and Rebecca Corry both accused CK of asking them if they could go to his dressing room so he could masturbate in front of them.

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This conversation I had with a male friend embodies the surprise a lot of people express when they find out I not only masturbate, but also admit it unabashedly. And that seems to surprise people, too. Because most depictions of women masturbating are either pornographic or part of some narrative of feminist empowerment, people are surprised when women treat masturbation as a normal, everyday activity.

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The science is straightforward. Whenever a behavior is common in the animal kingdom, biologists suspect it has an adaptive function. That is, the behavior enabled individual animals to survive better and leave more offspring than animals that did not engage in the behavior. As a result, genes for the behavior spread throughout that population until it became essentially ubiquitous.

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Schklikt, klikt. Sound of a shotgun getting ready to be used, also known as racking the gun video thanks, Gus! Schlikt replaced the usual snikt sound of super hero Wolverine 's claws, during the period he was left without the adamantium covering on his bones.

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Gawker reported additional rumors in I don't care about that. That's nothing to me. That's not real," C.


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