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Britain's most popular nursery rhymes, recited by generations of parents to their children, are teeming with references to bed-hopping royals and teenage sex, according to a book on the origins of 24 playground ditties. While Jack and Jill may seem innocuous enough in their attempt to fetch water, they are in fact preoccupied with losing their virginity, says Chris Roberts, a social historian who has traced the adult stories behind the nursery rhymes. Jill possibly becomes pregnant and there are regrets later.

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Are these the nursery rhymes we grew up being taught by our parents and teachers? Well, no, not quite. Here is a list of cheeky rhymes you may have learned from your friends and used in the playground. School dinners, school dinners, Mushy peas, mushy peas, Soggy semolina, soggy semolina, I feel sick, get the bucket quick, Too late mate, done it on my plate.

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Row Row Row Your Boat Roll, roll, roll your joint twist it at the end, take a puff, that's enough and pass it to a friend. Abraham Lincoln was a good old man. He hopped out the window with his Dick in hand.

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Dark backstories often lurk behind our favorite childhood songs and fairy tales. This shouldn't be so surprising. Early collections of fairy tales such as the famous Brothers Grimm compendium set down gruesome tales full of violence and violation, quite unlike our Disney-fied modern perceptions of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

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Fundoo Times. Toggle navigation Fundoo Times. Enjoy your favorite rhymes through our compilation of naughty and funny nursery rhymes messages.

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Part One is here. Jack and Jill went up the hill For just an itty bitty. Jill's now two months overdue, And Jack has left the city.

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Forget catchy nursery rhymes or hard-hitting social messages, sex lyrics have become a musician's new shortcut to fame among Zimbabwe's urban youth and last year's biggest hits present solid evidence of that. Music is constantly on an evolving trajectory from the days of recording with a full instrument band in the studio to a less taxing one person on either side of the studio booth mixing lyrics with an electronically produced beat. However, what keeps many ears hooked to a song is the lyrical content, which is why in the Zimdancehall genre even if scores of lyricists chant on a similar beat, only a few stand out.

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The update immediately alarmed many YouTube creators who already felt that their livelihoods hang at the whims of mysterious algorithms. Because YouTube lets people post clips with few limitations, it has faced criticism for making inappropriate and disturbing footage available to kids. In response, YouTube has made two notable changes in recent years. In it purged dozens of channels behind violent and sexual videos featuring kids or cartoons.


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