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By Radhika Sanghani. To be more exact, high heels. SATC glamorised the idea of women strutting around in four-inch Jimmy Choo stilettos, wedges, platforms and anything else that designers came up with - and us everyday women happily lapped it up and went to buy our own.

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To stiletto or not to stiletto; that is the question. Everyone loves stilettos these days!! With the uprising of the fashion world, and the empowerment of women; stilettos have become a staple piece in everyones' wardrobe.

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Appearing on Channel's 4 Sex Tape, married couple Ray, 43, and Diana, 35, delved into the details of their sex life in the hope that it would help mend their relationship. The new Channel 4 show aims to help couples overhaul their dwindling sex lives by making their own racy video which a therapist then gives them feedback on. The couple - who have two children together - said it was "love at first sight" when they first met and enjoyed a very active sex life until becoming parents.

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For some reason wearing stilettos during sex is guaranteed to turn most men on. I'm not just saying this, I have asked many men, and researched through many online forums, and the verdict is that every single man has expressed an enthusiastic drooling response to the mention of high heels in bed. Personally I quite like it if my man wears his trilby to bed, so maybe it's an attraction to formal-wear juxtaposed with a raunchy intent.

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On a trip to Italy a few years ago, my partner and I peered into the faraway distance at that famously angled phallus that is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, when suddenly we became aware of a small scene unfolding before us. Oh my. But… why?

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High heels may improve a woman's sex life, a new study has found — but not in the way you might imagine. The effect of heels on the male libido is well-known, but this research looked at the physical benefits of high heels for women. Maria Angela Cerruto, a urologist at the University of Verona, Italy, found that the tippy-toe posture of heels can tone a woman's abdomen and pelvic floor.

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A study claims it's because it 'signals they are ready for sex' - but its authors have been slammed by Coronation Street actress Nicola Thorp as its message "appropriates rape culture". A disturbing new study claims that men like women wearing high heels because it 'signals they are ready for sex'. Its authors have been slammed by equality campaigner Nicola Thorp who said their findings are "dangerous" - because its message "appropriates rape culture.

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I am a 6'5" woman — when I wear heels. My confidence, my stature, my hip sway, everything is bigger, and some would say better with stilettos strapped to my feet. I can make heads turn, men smirk, and women gasp at the pure sight of me. I love and hate heels for all these reasons and more.

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With all of the talk about bunionscorns, hammertoes, and neuromas, is there anything good about wearing high heel shoes? One study investigates the issue - sort of. There have been many discussions about the link between high heel shoes and sexual attractiveness, but a study in the journal European Urology found that wearing high heels slightly enhanced the contracting power of the pelvic floor muscles.

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Some of the sexiest boots that a woman can have in her wardrobe are women's thigh high boots. The thing about these boots is that they make a woman look sexy as they extend over the knee. These boots are a few of the trend add-ons that many women make a have to have for their wardrobes. In between the thigh-high shape, bold spike heels as well as the fact that they will definitely keep your lower legs toasty cozy on a winter evening, these boots are everything about extremes and then some.


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