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I'd always assumed incestuous relationships to be rarer than a teenager who eschews social media, and always the product of abuse. Equally, despite our hyper-connectivity, people are more isolated than ever. People are having sex with close blood relatives, and sometimes it is far more nuanced than we are perhaps comfortable with. In Brazil, the prevalence of incest estimates range widely , from 0. The collateral damage to the thenyear-old was profound: acute anxiety , OCD , a combination of anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating that had hospitalised her three times, several unsuccessful early teenage suicide attempts and a tendency to take any drink, drug or sexual encounter she was offered.

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This encounter with Grace and Adam triggered an interest in the prevalence and dynamics of these kinds of relationships.

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One professor of psychology at Oxford, who asked not to be named, remarked that "the trouble with our prohibitive and moral attitudes to sexuality we find squeamish or immoral — like, say, incest or sexual attitudes that are illegal — is it prevents us looking at them objectively. Tagged: family incest Gen Z. While gathering data on the more "consensual" end of the incest spectrum hasn't happened anywhere globally, the statistics on incest are pretty startling. Though rare, it is clearly not out of the realms of possibility that this can lead somewhere other than playing Playstation together — as was the case with twins, Anna and Stephen.

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