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A group of Urban Explorers venture to a mysterious lake and uncover secrets buried for 25 years. When the ark is opened the creature is unleashed on the world again, killing and bringing plague until the archaeologist destroys it. A vampire death dealer fights to end the eternal war between the Lycans and the faction that betrayed her. Twelve men are sent on a mission by King Hrothgar of the Danes to defeat the fearsome monster Grendel. A team is given a undercover government mission to retrieve a "crate" from a distant planet.

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As the fabled Blood Moon approaches, the siblings encounter a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past.

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Camryn. Age: 30.
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A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission. A young girl suspects her new nanny isn't from this world and fights to reveal her identity, which is more dark and twisted than she could have imagined. As a child Emma was wrongly accused of murdering her sister, but she knew it was the Stickman.

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