Reba bloopers

reba bloopers
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Continuity mistake : When Barbra Jean breaks her second plate, she holds it up and the parts that broke don't match. When Reba is talking BJ out of her insecurities, her smiley face sticker disappears from shot to shot. Then, after that, he goes back to holding the orange juice. Brock Hart: Like you did with Cheyenne? It is impossible for the plate to have broken like that. Show generally Continuity mistake : In the episode where Brock decides to quit his job, Reba is talking to Barbra-Jean about college funds.

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Kennedy. Age: 21.
reba bloopers

Continuity mistake : During the scene with Reba and Barbra Jean after Reba's surgery, Reba puts a plant in the sink that suddenly disappears.

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Dylan. Age: 25.
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Reba Tv Show Season 1

In addition the exterior sets are nowhere the same as how the establishing shots show what the outsides look like. The Steaks Are High - S1 - E5 Continuity mistake : When Cheyenne left the house to tell the team about her mistake she left without a jacket, but when she arrived she was wearing a jacket. Continuity mistake : In the scene that follows the theme song, Jake comes into the living room holding an orange juice.

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