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Alas, went and ate it all up. I mean, the burns are one thing, but Yuuka is have now officially fallen off the crazy tree and hit every branch along the way. The final bit with Satori and co. Anyway, remember how I mentioned being stunned that I was finally getting to write a scene that had been planned years and years ago? And in that regard, I feel it succeeded nicely.

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Lacey. Age: 28.
tumblr taker pov

What is she going to do with her time until the shit hits the fan again?

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Genevieve. Age: 20.
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Soulja Boy will always remain a form of torture. This was for everyone who stuck around to see what would happen, a way of bringing about some measure of closure before putting this ginormous story on the shelf. It was a little awkward dividing her time between her affectionate pets and talking to Yukari.

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