Spike x rarity comic

spike x rarity comic
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My Little Pony friendship is magic molt down sparity. My Little Pony friendship is magic sparity spike rarity. Now granted, this is based on my own personal headcanon of how old the mane 6 are, as well as how old the canon CMC were stated to be in an unreleased, unofficial script of the show. He said that Sparity was creepy. Want to see more posts tagged sparity? It is very common for children to have crushes even ones that feel very, very real to them on adults in their lives.

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Jaelyn. Age: 31.
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We survived Trenderhoof, you think some little dragoness we met for like 5 minutes is going to break that?

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Kendall. Age: 31.
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My Little Brony

I know it, and you know it too! So, shipping him with Rarity can give an age gap of 5 to Rarity is a very generous, kind pony, and I think she treats him with as much affection as she would give to any child, because she is a kind pony!

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