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Country Costa Rica , Colombia. Follow on Twitter Follow on Facebook. Of course, every family has its quarrels, but after confronting each other in the popularly acclaimed Una loca navidad catracha, the Barro family has finally reconciled and is ready to take a vacation together. Synopsis Quiro is a humble man that lives and works in the fields, struggling to support his family. In Un loco verano catracho, the Barros visit La Ceiba, a stunning port city on the coast of Honduras, where there will be snorkeling, dancing, a little trouble, and lots of laughter. And without a government entity overseeing the film industry, there is no infrastructure to support directors and producers throughout the process of making their movie. Hopefully, some of these will make it stateside soon.

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the zwickys movie

Who has the right to use it for war or commerce?

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13 Central American Films That Beat the Odds and Made It to Theaters

Country Costa Rica , Colombia. With its rapid cutting and tense pauses, this indie Honduran thriller blurs the line between superstition and reality, until they become indistinguishable from each other. With a simple, handheld camera and unpretentious cinematography, Kenke tells a story about first love, family dynamics, and a hypocritical society that suffers from double moral standards and other vices. These people share traditions, schools, churches, and this territory, which is being threatened by global warming.

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