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As the Guide to Gay Life explains, "Experimentation is a very normal and healthy part of our development. Updated September 28, That can be confusing to a teen who doesn't identify as gay, but who enjoyed the hook-up. My ex-boyfriend, the straightest guy I've ever met to the point of almost being homophobic, has kissed a couple of his guy friends, so obviously some guys do it too. Often times, though, our true sexual feelings don't become clear until much later in life. You know, have a little fun. Keep in mind that it is normal for adolescents to go through a process of figuring out their sexual likes and dislikes.

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teen sex experiment

But whatever it means, you should know that same-sex hook-ups are common among teens who identify as straight, among those who identify as gay, and among those who are questioning their sexual orientation.

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Though experimenting with a same-sex friend can be an indication of your sexual orientation, this isn't automatically the case. Ultimately, while same-sex experimentation might help some teens figure out whether or not they are gay, for others it is just an event in their sexual development on par with various others. Hooking-up with someone of the same sex can mean a lot of things and it can mean different things to different people. Sometimes this helps them figure out whether or not they are gay, lesbian or bisexual and sometimes it doesn't.

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