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She also explains to Archer that although Inge Wagner infected her with the reagent from the dart at the bar and that she should have had 10 hours to live, Wagner's incompetence resulted in Archer having 10 DAYS to live. Within the computer Archer finds a memo from revealing that Project: Omega is the brainchild of H. Archer has to avoid the police before meeting up with Kamal, encountering Crazy Harij along the way. Archer is able to fight off Isako, with the evidence she had discovered in Blitzny's house. Smith voices his disagreement, but having no other suggested options, Mr. Schenker captive and that Baron Dumas's wife changed her name from Felicity Farnsworth when she was still a little girl.

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Casey. Age: 28.
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Schenker all of the information she found on the Super Soldiers.

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Lucille. Age: 31.
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Cate Archer

Archer fights them off and gets Armstrong out of his bonds just as the rogue Super Soldier escapes and starts destroying the base. In , the Fitzwald Diamond was stolen from the Royal Museum. Afterwards, Archer pays a visit to Lawrie's grave but is then surprised as she finds Tom Goodman still alive and angry.

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