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I live alone, so sometimes I don't flush after taking a leak. I imagine there is a really good reason beyond "it's gross" that I'm just not thinking of. My junior-high science teacher had a contraption where you held onto two nails, he cranked a handle and static electricity shocked the fuck out of you. Pissing in the sink really needs to be some kind of euphemism. XVI - Thou shalt not piss in thine own nor thy neighbors sink. I sense a pattern here somewhere. It's appropriately titled "Pissin' in the Sink.

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Karsyn. Age: 25.
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I'm the world's worst houseguest, aren't I?

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Claire. Age: 32.
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Is pissing in the sink like anal sex and shoplifting?

His bathroom was in the bedroom, and it was either let loose over the drain after they'd gone to bed or hold it till morning which obv isn't an option at times. At least you can save on air fresheners. I never told him, and I tried to be very thorough about washing out the sink afterwards.

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