Over supply of breast milk

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Forceful milk flow Coping with leaking Too much milk How oversupply happens Reducing your milk Dealing with engorgement Oversupply with blocked ducts or mastitis Adjusting to the new normality. Then offer the other breast. Your baby may seem to be thriving, gaining as much as g 14oz in a week; but he may also be unhappy or uncomfortable.

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It's normal to experience an overabundant supply of breast milk during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Then, as the weeks go on, most women will notice that their milk supply is adjusting to their baby's needs. But, for some women, this adjustment will not seem to come, and they will continue to make too much breast milk.

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As a Breastfeeding USA Counselor, one of the most common issues parents contact me about is milk production. This topic comes up frequently in online breastfeeding support forums, too. Often the concern is low milk production, but you may be surprised how many questions are about oversupply.

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Sometimes moms produce too much milk in the days after delivery, or have too much milk all the time. Making the right amount of milk for your baby can take patience and dedication. By recognizing hunger cues and feeding every time their baby is hungry, most moms are able to produce the perfect amount of milk.

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Sometimes a mother may seem to have far more breast milk than her baby needs. However some babies may begin to fuss, cough or choke at the breast if there is too much milk. The mother with too much milk may constantly have full and engorged breasts and find she keeps getting blocked ducts or mastitis.

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Some mums make very generous amounts of milk, and this can be uncomfortable for them and for their babies. You might suspect breastfeeding over-supply if:. Some mums with over-supply notice their babies seem to have explosive, frequent stools, often green in colour though green poo can be normal, and in itself is not a cause for concern.

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We need donations to support this website and continue our outreach to mothers and healthcare professionals. Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated. Sometimes a mother can make more milk than her baby needs.

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Sometimes a mother may make more milk than her baby needs. Although this may sound like a good problem to have, too much of any good thing can cause challenges — for baby and mother. Home Breastfeeding Info Oversupply.

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Oversupply can make breastfeeding difficult for both mother and baby. Your baby may be unsettled during and after feeding, and it can be hard to know whether your baby is still hungry or is getting too much milk too fast. Your baby may:.

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Some mothers make more milk than their babies can easily cope with. This is quite common in the first few weeks of breastfeeding, but for some mothers it can continue for longer. In the first few weeks, it is common for mothers to make more milk than their baby needs. Early on, this can sometimes lead to engorgement.


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