Injured thumb joint

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A sprain is an injury to a ligament, which is a soft tissue that connects bones to each other at joints. The most common ligament to be injured in the thumb is the ulnar collateral ligament. This helps connect the thumb to the hand on the side near the index finger.

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Many times, thumb sprains will result from sports injuries or falls. For example, skiing results in many thumb injuries, as does basketball. Or, you may fall and try to catch yourself, bending your thumb in an awkward position.

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Thumb fractures can range from fairly straightforward, clean breaks all the way to multiple fractures along a joint that require surgery to repair. Since injuries to a thumb can have lifelong effects on everything from eating to your occupation, the injuries should always be taken seriously. To diagnose a broken thumb, note any severe pain immediately following the injury.

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A thumb sprain occurs when the thumb is bent out of its normal range of movement, usually backward. It is common in skiing, rugby, and basketball. If a sprained thumb is not treated properly it can recur and be a long term weakness.

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The thumb is at risk for a number of injuries including a sprained thumb, because of the role of the thumb in gripping and holding sports implements in sports as well as its location in the hand. One of the more common injuries to the thumb is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament ligament on the inside of the thumb at the proximal or first joint. The thumb is unique from the fingers in its anatomical structure.

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Article by Alex Clarke. When the thumb is bent out of its normal range of movement usually backwardsdamage occurs to the ligaments supporting the joint at the bottom of the thumb metacarpo-phalangeal joint. It is common in skiing, contact sports and ball sports such as basketball and netball.

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A gamekeeper's thumb, also called a skier's thumb, is an injury to one of the important ligaments at the base of the thumb joint. The injury involves the ulnar collateral ligament UCLa band of tough, fibrous tissue that connects the bones at the base of the thumb. This ligament prevents the thumb from pointing too far away from the hand. An injury to the ulnar collateral ligament occurs when this structure is stretched too far.

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A thumb sprain happens when you injure the tissues in your thumb that connect the bones in a joint. These tissues, known as ligaments, keep your bones in place when the joint moves. In your thumb, several ligaments help you grab objects, pinch, and make a fist.

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The most common reason to tape a thumb is due to a sprain-type injury, usually caused by the thumb bending too far backward while skiing or playing sports such as basketball, volleyball or football. Taping a sprained thumb restrains movement, protects it from further injury and allows it to heal in a timely fashion. Thumb taping can also be used by athletes to help prevent injury.


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