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Vaginal flatulence is an emission or expulsion of air from the vagina. It may occur during or after sexual intercourse or during other sexual acts, stretching or exercise. The sound is somewhat comparable to flatulence from the anus but does not involve waste gases and thus often does not have a specific odor associated.

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THEY can cause serious embarrassment, but fanny farts shouldn't always be laughed off. Granted most episodes won't mean anything serious there are some instances when you might be wise to see your doctor. The embarrassing noise is simply the air being released from your vaginal canal, also known as "queefing".

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Vaginal noise VN is a symptom of pelvic floor PF dysfunction and has been described in a few studies. No other risk factors have been described besides parity and pelvic organ prolapse POP. Underlying mechanisms of VN are unclear.

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I was sure that moany sex meant better sex; to me, the women who used those sounds while they humped were the poster children of the sexually free. I suspected that they were having the coitus of champions, which meant, of course, that there was something I was missing out on. As the years went on, I had other boyfriends, but my decibel level remained disappointingly similar. By the time I was with Dave, my sonic landscape was still most closely matched with a library.

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Once air is trapped, it will eventually be released from the vagina and can cause a sound similar to common flatulence from the rectum. It is typically a normal occurrence, and it is rarely a sign of a serious health concern. However, it can either be a passing occurrence, or it may be a symptom of a medical condition that will need to be treated.

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I'm embarrassed when we make love because of the sound that comes from my vagina. I feel like my vagina is too big for him. What must I do because he says I'm cheating on him.

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Few of us do. A deep thrust or body movement can cause the air to be released. The film opened with a vagina fart joke.

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Vaginal flatulence, also known as a "queef," is an emission of trapped air from the vagina. A queef produces a sound that's similar to anal flatulence, but vaginal flatulence doesn't have a specific odor. While often embarrassing, vaginal flatulence is typically considered normal and doesn't pose any health risks. Sexual intercourse or inserting an object in the vagina When something is inserted into the vagina, it can displace the air inside.

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For most people, sex is a noisy affair. Moans, gasps, and even screams add to the experience. But sometimes, your private parts demand a solo performance in this bodily jam session.

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Expert advice on one new mom's embarrassing vaginal noise and discomfort. I have a really embarrassing question. My baby was born six months ago, and now it seems like every time we make love, my vagina makes these weird farting sounds. It feels like my husband is pushing air into my vagina with his penis or something.


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