Body fetish inflation

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I know it's been years and so much has happened since I last blogged here, although I have other much less niche-y blogs. However, yesterday I had an idea for this blog after such a long time, and I would simply post it on BI. I might link to it from there later.

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Hello everyone. I have a question: how did we get to be the way we are? What I mean is that how is that despite all the media influence, despite what is common and mainstream, we of all things like to see or perhaps experience inflation.

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That was the thought that entered my head as I wandered into a room at a medical-themed play party held in a Brooklyn townhouse last fall and saw two dozen faces contorted into expressions of shock, wonder, repulsion, delight, and utter disbelief. In fact, a few of those faces appeared to be cycling through a sequence of all of these reactions in rapid succession. With some trepidation, I tracked their gazes across the room and saw a man lying on a table with what appeared to be a cantaloupe wedged into his crotch.

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Body inflation is the practice of inflating or pretending to inflate a part of one's bodyoften for sexual gratification. It is commonly done by inserting balloons underneath clothes or a skin-tight suit and then inflating them. Some people have specially made inflatable suits, commonly made from latex rubberto make themselves bigger all over. One of the best-known examples is Mr.

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Amy, as the appointed BFF of the birthday girl, Charlotte, really has her work cut out for her. Only as Amy sets out—on the day of—to create the most memorable party atmosphere possible and to secure her reputation among their girlfriends as totally dependable and utterly capable, does she realize just how challenging a task as simple as blowing up some balloons can actually be. As it turns out, there's not a single cylinder of helium available in the entire city.

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You can search a theme. Sorted by popularity. Pop New Favorites.

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Sonic Inflation Adventure is a trilogy of fan games released on Newgrounds that parody the Sonic fanbase. Created by Jimberly-Chaotic, this trilogy of visual novels were made to poke fun at the average Sonic crack fic. Most notably, it makes fun of some of the more bizarre parts of the fanbase that like to like to draw the characters taking part in their favorite fetishes.

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Amongst the zoological garden of the Internet's many inscrutable fetish curiosities is the area of body inflation. The idea is simple: imagine a voluptuous naked woman. Rent eight oxygen tanks. Shove a hose into each orifice, then wrench the valves open so hard that the knob breaks off in your hand.

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Body Inflationalso known as Body Expansionis a genre of fan art featuring people who have been inflated in various parts of their body as if they were a balloon, typically focusing on breasts, buttocks, stomachs and the entire body in situations where the method of full body inflation is done in the style of the film Willy Wonkait is referred to as " blueberry inflation ". The genre is also associated with "weight gain" art, which involves a subject who has been fattened up through excessive feeding. One of the earliest known possible inspirations for body inflation was a illustration from the Hawaiian Gazette newspaper humorously illustrates the Anti-Saloon League and the Women's Christian Temperance Union's campaign against the producers and sellers of beers in Hawaii.

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