Missing teeth facial pain

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If left untreated, orthodontic problems can result in tooth decay, gum disease, headaches and earaches, as well as speaking, biting or chewing problems. Orofacial pain includes a number of clinical problems involving the chewing masticatory muscles or temporomandibular joint. Problems can include temporomandibular joint discomfort; muscle spasms in the head, neck and jaw; migraines, cluster or frequent headaches; or pain with the teeth, face or jaw.

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Or imagine not landing that dream job because your confidence is hindered by a smile with missing teeth. Unfortunately, missing teeth problems like these impact more adults than you might think! According to the American Dental Associationthe average adult has three or more missing teeth or decay that warrants a tooth to be pulled and replaced.

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These are external links and will open in a new window. Having your teeth pulled is one thing. Having them pulled because of a misdiagnosis is quite another.

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Special Offers. Facial pain can be dull, intense, short-lived or chronic; on one side of your face or both. But one thing is for sure — if you suffer from facial pain, you want relief. According to the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlusfacial pain causes can include injury, nerve problems and infections.

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The diagnosis and management of facial pain below the eye can be very different dependant on whether the patient visits a dentist or medical practitioner. A structure for accurate diagnosis is proposed beginning with a very careful history. The commonest acute causes of pain are dental and these are well managed by dentists.

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Why is it important to replace missing teeth with restorations such as dental implants? You might be surprised to find that the damage caused by missing teeth is much greater than the simple gaps left in your smile. As the years go by, teeth lost early in adulthood cause structural changes in a person's face.

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When patients lose teeth to decay, accidents, or gum disease, we always recommend tooth replacement with either implant-based or traditional prosthetics. The loss of even just one tooth can cause a cascade of changes to your dentition that can have far-reaching negative effects on your health and quality of life. At Bowmanville Dental, our dentists provide several options for tooth replacement, and would love to see you get your healthy smile back.

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Back to Trigeminal neuralgia. Your dentist will ask you about your symptoms and investigate your facial pain using a dental X-ray. They'll look for other more common causes of facial pain, such as a dental infection or cracked tooth.

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The main reasons people want to replace missing teeth are for cosmetic purposes and to enable them to chew their food easily. However there are far more nasty consequences that can arise from having not replacing missing teeth. In the same way that exercising your body helps keep muscle tone, jaw bone mass is maintained through the stimulation of chewing and biting.

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Over time. With the human dentition containing a total of 32 teeth 28 if the wisdom teeth have been removedit is understandable why some people still believe that it is not essential to replace missing teeth when there are other teeth still left to do the job. This is a typical scenario when even just one tooth is removed without being replaced.


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