How to stretch vaginal opening

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No two vaginas are alike. Some can be very loose and some can be very tight. There also seems to be some common complaints among men on both sides of the coin.

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Renowned birthing coach, author, and founder of The Gentle Birth Method, Dr Gowri Motha, shares the amazingly simple and intelligent way of pre-stretching your vagina for the gentle release of your baby. The Gentle Birth Method promotes a degree approach to birth preparation. The Vaginal Stretch Technique is by far the most popular aspect of the gentle birth method because it greatly increases confidence as mothers approach their due date.

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From my understanding, even though your vagina might temporarily stretch during sexual activity isn't it amazing how it stretches to accommodate different sizes and shapes? Giving birth, on the other hand, can cause your vagina to stretch. But there's actually an exercise you can do to re-strengthen that area.

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Almost no vagina is too tight for intercourse. Sometimes, however, you have to help prepare a bit more for penetration. In its unaroused state, the vagina is three to four inches long. That might not seem long enough for some penises or sex toys.

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You and your vag have been through a lot together: Your first tampon, your first relationship, your first orgasm. But how much do you actually know about her? Well, it's time to get reacquainted with your homegirl's fun quirks.

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Flashback to your very first period : Whether you were a young girl or older teen, the thought of sticking a little plastic tampon in your vagina may have seemed, well, daunting. I have to put this where?! One question that may have crossed your mind while getting it on: Is it possible for sex to stretch out my vagina?

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We all want better sex, don't we? Stronger erections, more powerful orgasms, deeper pleasure, longer-lasting intercourse — yes, please! And did you know that there is one little-known area in your body that has a HUGE impact on your sex life?

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Skip to content. I am still! I know mine is not entirely intact, because I did a lot of horseback riding as a child.

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Is that once pleasurable experience not at all pleasurable anymore? Is it in fact painful? Insertional dyspareunia, or pain during intercourse, diminishes desire, often replacing it with dread.

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You can prepare your vagina for childbirth with these massage and stretching techniques. It can also help with pain during the crowning stage during a vaginal delivery. It isn't recommended before you are 34 weeks pregnant.


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