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In David Lynch's world, disdain for linear narrative resides comfortably in a surreal, painterly package. His new Mulholland Drive is no exception, and its suspenseful palette won him a Best Director award at Cannes. It also happens to include what's sure to be this fall's steamiest lesbian love scene.

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A film has resisted our efforts to pound it into submission, Every year I join some students and townspeople here at the University of Colorado on a 5-day, hour shot-by-shot trek through a film. Using the freeze-frame and slow-motion features of a DVD, we track down symbols, expose hidden messages, analyze visual strategies, expose special effects, and in general satisfy ourselves that we have extracted every fugitive scrap of meaning from the movie under discussion. This year the target was David Lynch's " Mulholland Drive.

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David Lynch can be a difficult director. He regularly leans on stylized set pieces and flawless performances from his actors to create a tableau that's visually compelling, but isn't necessarily about anything. Call me a brick-headed Philistine, but I think Mulholland Drive is exactly this type of entry in Lynch's filmography.

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Rodrigo Perez. Mulholland Drive is a famous road with much, much mood. Suffice it to say, it explores the dark side of L. But before she landed the gig, she was ready to quit altogether.

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At 7pm we'll be kicking off our inaugural liveblog of a film on the Guardian's film site as part of our month-long Film Season. Steve Rosethe Guide's film editor, will be here negotiating our way around David Lynch's labyrinthine thriller, while in San Francisco, David Thomson will be sending us half-hourly pointers on what might actually be going on. Please join us then, and join in the conversation too, either on the comments thread at the bottom of the blog, or by emailing Catherine Shoard.

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Mulholland Drive stylized as Mulholland Dr. After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesiac, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality. Note: the scene has been replaced by the trailer.

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Jump to navigation. Classic lesbian film Mulholland Drive was released worldwide in but it did not pick the interest of many international distributors at the time. Directed by David Lynch and starring with Naomi Watts and Laura Herring, Mulholland Drive has been recently praised as the best feature film of 21 st century by BBC and has finally gotten a released in Taiwan and other countries after 16 years: September 29,

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By Max Arambulo. Rita thanks her good-friend with a kiss to the forehead. But Betty of course does that move where she tilts back her forehead and offers back her lips.

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After a traumatic car crash, Rita Laura Harring finds she has no memory of who she is. With its confusingly non-linear storyline, Mulholland Drive split audience opinion. The sexual tension that rises between Betty and Rita adds a strange twist to the proceedings whilst it toys with the supernatural and deranged for no apparent reason.

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Atonement is depressing. Like a number of films on our list, it uses its moments of bliss to make the dark shit just that much darker. But my god, everyone in the world should put on some formal wear, kiss someone really hard, and then get fucked against a wall of beautiful, beautiful books. Nothing more needs to be said.


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