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Twilight is told to piece together what all the clues have in common, and quickly realizes just as Shining Armor and Cadance tell her; they're having a baby. Twilight already knows that Shining Armor and Cadance are coming, and she wants to make up a room for Shining Armor to stay in that has things from his childhood as a surprise to him. The Mane Six go to the children's school, Town Hall for Applejack's birth certificate, and the furniture store for a crib. All the while, Pinkie becomes more and more stressed, trying to keep herself as quiet as possible. Pinkie is initially ecstatic and eager to tell Twilight, but Mrs. Twilight asks her friends to help her gather things for Shining Armor's guest room, with Pinkie struggling to keep herself quiet.

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Shining Armor and Cadance tell the Mane Six to meet them in town square, but when the Mane Six arrive, all they find is a note.

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My Little Pony Birthday Surprise Pinkie Pie

Just as it looks like she's in the clear, Gummy finds a list of previously-made "Pinkie promises" that she already agreed to do. Pinkie agrees to keep quiet, but knows it's going to be an uphill battle. Pinkie Pie makes balloon animals at school, helps Mayor Mare with filing, and helps set up decorations for a sale at a furniture store. Each time, Pinkie rushes the Mane Six along, unable to hold herself back much more.

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