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Eventually he and Nicolas created Benriya, though he didn't leave his job as a gigolo. He had insisted back then when Nic was about to commit suicide after murdering Worick's family, that Nic would have to live, and when Nic died, he'd die full of painful memories. Sign In Don't have an account? He is very protective of Nicolas, and won't hesitate to show aggression to anyone that badmouths his friend. He has a thin amount of body hair and a tribal tattoo on his back, just underneath his neck. This also means he has forgotten nothing of his painful childhood and is tortured by memories and nightmares of his father's beatings. Alex is on good terms with Worick.

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He is also capable of skimming through an entire book and remember its contents.

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Worick Arcangelo

Worick was an illegitimate child, a fact his father used as an excuse for the constant abuse he heaped on him. Worick was part of the wealthy Arcangelo family. Now on his own, Worick took a job as a gigolo, initially at the Corsica-run brothel "Pussy".

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